About Us

Tamakhani is a Travel company registered with Nepal government. It specializes in all domestic, internationl flight ticketing and travel, tours,adventure related activities such as trekking, climbing, rafting, jungle elephant safari,  paragliding, bungee jumping . Our company is comprised of highly professional and qualified adventure specialists committed to offering lifetime experience to the clients. We have 75 % guest satisfaction reports majority of whom constitute repeat visitors.


Our customers have always put their trust on our services. This is why we never take their confidence for granted. We believe in giving the best of hospitality in our Nepalese traditional way. We have never compromised on the service quality and it will remain the same for all of our guests.


The quality of our product and service has remained a hallmark in Nepalese tourism industry. Over the years with the changing times and demands of our valued clients, we have upgraded our products. Likewise we have a core of trained staffs who know how to deal with their clients and make appropriate suggestions. Quick and flawless delivery, better coordination and focus on ensuring once-in-a-lifetime experience are the three pillars of our quality.

Sustainable Tours

Tamakhani Travel runs environmentally sound tours. We believe that sustainability of nature and culture for future generation and for the existence of planet earth is our major objectives. That is why we ensure that we leave footprints only in our trips and tours. We make sure that we minimize the pollution as much as possible, be it air, water or land. We make sure that we respect and promote local culture without letting any external impact. That is why we use kerosene instead of woods, avoid using plastic cans and water bottles, deposit green fees, make use of local organic products and organize cleaning and awareness programs every now and then.

Equitable Benefits

Most often tours are organized without taking the local community into consideration. We believe that local people have as much right to reap benefits from the trips we organize as we do. That is why we always make sure that tour profits also go to local communities. This gets reflected in our policy to buy local products like vegetables, milk and meat, employ local people as guides and assistants, provide incentives to local cultural groups. Meanwhile we also help local communities by providing fund for schools, colleges and community works.