Cultural Considerations

Despite being a small country Nepal is host to diversified ethnic groups, possessing a variety of cultures, languages, religions, costumes and lifestyles. So, traveling in Nepal is a way of observing and comparing it with your own culture. This is possible only when you learn to respect and acknowledge the values of Nepalese culture. Thus, Cultural Considerations is an important aspect.

1:  Wearing shorts and transparent clothes are not suitable for both women and men. Nudity is unacceptable;
2:  Kissing or showing affection in public places is prohibited; 
3:   Nepalese men can be seen walking hand in hand but it does not imply sexual connotation as in western countries;
4:   The gesture used for greeting in Nepal is 'Namaste' (placing your palms together in a prayer position);
5:   Do not use feet to show or touch anything. If you accidentally touch anything, apologize by placing your hand to the person's arm and then touching your head.
6:   Do not step over on someone's stretched leg. Avoid stretching a leg yourself and recoil when someone wants to pass.
7: Always use right hand when you give or receive something. Left hand should touch right arm's elbow as a gesture of respect while receiving.
8:   When addressing someone's name, use 'Ji' as suffix (e.g., John-Ji) to convey respect.
9:  Show genuine interest while talking to locals and respect their costumes & cultures.
10:   A sideways tilt of a head accompanied by slight shrug of the shoulder generally conveys one's agreement.

Visiting a temple

1:    Always walk clockwise when inside temple/stupa premises.
2 :  Always remove your shoes before you enter any religious sites. In some temples it is not acceptable to enter wearing leather like shoes, belts, bags etc.
3:   Many Hindu temples do not permit westerners inside.
4:   Do not step over a shrine or offering and do not smoke.
5 :  A small donation to a temple or a monastery is always appreciated.
 Visiting a Nepalese home

1:   Strangers are not allowed inside the Kitchen.
2:    Do not touch anything with your used spoon, fork, plate or hand. Using your own fork or spoon to serve more food is unacceptable, always wait to be served. Once used plate, spoon, fork, utensil etc by someone is considered to be polluted for others.
3:   Avoid touching your lips while drinking water from a vessel.
4:   Guests are generally expected to wash their hands and mouth before dinning.
5:   Always remove your shoes before entering a room of Nepalese home.

1:   Do take photos until permission (in terms of OK) is sought from the people you are photographing.
2:   Ask before entering a temple compound whether it is permissible to take photographs.